Grant Blanchard


Whether you're looking to buy, sell, or rent your home, I can offer you the best homes and quality services in the Treasure Valley area located in Idaho.


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Personal & Professional Bio

I view my professional life as a growing relationship with my clients. With the beginning of any relationship it is important to understand the values and vision that drive the person. For me, my faith is the crux of my decision making. It is my determination to work towards your interests and needs before my own.

Sharing my personal story is also important in growing our relationship. In 2004, I made the decision to join the US Air Force. During this time, I was privileged to serve overseas working as an avionics technician on large aircraft. Military service helped me understand our country and the world as a whole as well as forged an understanding of hard work and determination.

Although I owe a great deal to my time in the military, my ultimate goal was to have a stable career and start a family. In 2013, just three years after my honorable service, I earned a bachelors degree in Urban and Regional Planning at a Cal State Polytechnic University Pomona.

This is where my real estate career began. Starting out at a small real estate firm, I learned to work with and help manage hundreds of investors. My clients ranged from small mom-and-pop single-family owners to larger 20+ unit portfolios. After two years of building strong relationships and trust with these clients, I moved to a larger firm where my work was pivotal in growing the company 3x their original size. Being one who believes you should also work towards taking your own advice, I began building my own investment portfolio. These investments ranged from turn-key properties, single-family fix and flips, to complete rehabs of multi-unit developments. The majority of my personal deals were higher risk but earned double-digit cap rates. This helped shape my mindset when viewing what a “good deal” is to the average real estate agent. Rather than simply pointing to a property on the MLS and calling it a “good deal”, my deals were great deals only if they greatly benefited both investors and first-time home buyers. Most agents will say “it’s always a great time to buy”; you will hear me saying…”it’s always a great time to buy for a certain price”.

After the rekindling of a relationship with my high school sweetheart, and soon to be wife, came the birth of our first daughter in 2019 while living in Orange County, California. Although we loved our family, friends and ocean view, it was clear that California was not exactly the place we wished to raise our family. We set our sights on Idaho, and never looked back. With several years under our belt and the addition of a true Idaho native son, we are lucky to call Idaho home.

In my first two years in Idaho, I worked with one largest Relocation Teams in California as their top agent, helping earn a top 1% award for Real Estate Teams in Idaho. These two years dealing with hundreds of customer and clients gave me the knowledge and power to understand the Idaho Real Estate market and systems quickly. In 2022, I moved to Silvercreek Realty to begin building my own brand. Having a passion for investment portfolio management, I noticed there was a void in the professional management space. Unlike California, in Idaho you do not need to have your real estate license…it is the Wild, Wild West. Although there are many benefits for less regulated businesses, I wanted to bring the goodness of accountability and organization of regulated business and mesh it with Idaho’s landlord friendly laws. At the moment, my time in spent both continuing to bring honest and trustworthy real estate advice to my clients while creating the best management company in the Treasure Valley.

A final note, my current focus is residential real estate dealing in the single-family 4 or less unit spaces. My overall experience in real estate has given me an edge against my peers as I can see the broader picture in dealing in this market. Give me a call, let’s talk. I assure you, once you understand my thought process and dedication, you will pick no one else.